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A New Genre of Personalized Gifts for Any Occasion Will Amp Up Your Gifting Game

The brains behind Songs For Gifts believe we need to ditch the reliance on traditional presents and elevate our gift giving to the ranks of the Gifting Elite.


SAN DIEGO, CA-- The Gifting Elite are an ever-growing group of talented warm-fuzzy givers that spread love and joy with thoughtful presents. Gift cards for food and Target are always helpful, but a gift that was created just for you can't be beat. The newly debuted allows you to give the gift of a custom written song for any occasion.


How to Create Songs For Gifts

It goes a little something like this. You select one of the ten different genres offered. They've got everything from Country to R&B music so you can match your giftee's grooving pleasure or choose a sound suitable for the mood. (There's even a World category for those eclectic didgeridoo lovers.)


Then select your first and second choice for artists. The second choice is a backup to ensure you get a quick turnaround of two to three days. Each artist has a small bio and samples of the various genres they work with to tickle your eardrums and give you a feel for their style.


The good stuff happens in the next step. Occasion, gender, nickname, age, and gift message are all pretty straightforward details, but the options are endless for personalizing special interests, hobbies, favorite things, pets/other people, and special requests. Create a country song based on your Grandma's love of clowns and Elvis for her birthday. Create a musical summary of your year instead of sending out Christmas cards. Any and every occasion can be celebrated with a custom novelty song.


Whether it's a roast in disguise or a romantic sonata that custom written song is going on Facebook (oooh or maybe Vine for you iPhone users) and rocketing you from a Traditiogifter to an Elite Gifter. 


About the Songs For Gifts Artists provides an awesome way for these artists to share their musical gifts with the world while we in turn can support these musicians.


There are 30 artists featured on so far and they were screened from over 300 musicians. These talented folks are award-winning singers and songwriters from all over the world. They have worked with or had their songs performed by high-profile icons and personas like AC/DC, P.O.D., and Lindsey Lohan. Some have jammed on stage with the bands, and still others have created music for popular TV shows and movie scores.


Check out! Mother's Day is coming up, there's always a birthday around the corner, or bookmark this for your next anniversary—flowers die and chocolate melts, a song is forever.


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