You must really care. Unlike the other guys.

Tra-ditio-gif-ter –


A misguided friend that defaults to flowers or chocolate. What a copout.

Example Sentence – “Mommy, why does daddy have to be a traditiogifter? Does he not love us?”

U-ber-gift-appi-ness –


The feeling you get when someone loves your gift.

Example Sentence – “My gut was exploding with ubergiftappiness after she smiled at hearing the song. It was weird.”

Su-per Gift-er –


A subset of the population that cares more about their friends and loves ones and doesn’t care who knows it. Characterized by really thinking through a gift.

Example Sentence – “I’m gonna marry that supergifter. I mean, look at that ass.”

You're here cause you care about your friends

Ellen M.
For Day After Day

Love love love it! Once Claire records it, I will send it to you. So happy!