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Andew E.

Andrew (Cambridge, MA) writes and records music with funky syncopation and original harmonies.  He has three solo albums and performs live with his trio, Andrew E. & the Undertones.

Yakup T.

Seattle musician Yakup has released 6 albums and produced 4 for other artists. Yakup was signed on EMI in 2004. His 2nd album "Kaos" had 3 number one hits including "Bilmece" which was number one on MTV World Chart Express. Bilmece's success has taken him to MTV EMA nomination in 2007. Yakup has been in projects with high profile names such as Chris Slate (AC/DC) and recorded with drummer Daniel Adair (Nickleback) etc. Yakup is currently residing in Seattle producing, recording and performing.  

Salar E.

Salar is a songwriter and producer from Boston. Currently mixing and mastering his music himself. He is focusing on Indie Rock, Electro and Folk music, but having lived in the Middle East, the Setar, Classical and Flamenco Guitar, are also in his range of abilities.

Misha and Jake

Misha and her writing partner Jake, are Denver and New York based musicians who have been working as a duo songwriting team for over 5 years. They are professional storytellers, musicians, actors and songwriters. They can write in the style of pop, country, hip-hop, gospel, musical theatre, folk and jazz with leads in acoustic guitar, piano and ukulele. 

Arnel A.

Arnel has written and performed professionally for 15 years.  He is based in Denver, CO. 

James W.

James is a schooled, professional musician with a long performance career behind him. A gifted songwriter, he's worked with some well known names in the music world and has settled on composition as his specialization.

Gabe O.

Gabe has been a songwriter, musician, producer, and engineer for the last 14 years. From touring the United States to television and radio appearances, he thrives in the field of music production and relishes any opportunity to share his gift with others. 

Elissa P.

Elissa P. is a Brooklyn-based songwriter, pianist, singer and producer. She loves to overdress, watch robot movies, and she's always the one who changes the message in a game of telephone.

Martin B.

Martin is an experienced songwriter with many tv/film credits. Lindsey Lohan sang his "Don't Move On" onscreen in Confessions Of A Teenage Drama Queen, and his "Ladies Of Tampa", co-written with Matthew McCanoughey, is performed onscreen in the Steven Soderbergh film Magic Mike. 

Nicole D.

Nicole is an indie folk/rock singer-songwriter from Los Angeles, CA. Her minimalist yet evocative melodies often capture the timeless feel of 70's songwriter greats like Joni Mitchell and Carol King as well as more modern contemporaries such as Norah Jones and Sheryl Crow. 

Sergio R.

Sergio  is a multi instrumental song writer, producer, and engineer. He's worked with and learned from some of the most influential producers and engineers of all time.Bob Clearmountain, Glen Ballard, and Joe Barresi, are a few off his extensive list. He's created and worked with a wide variety of artists and genres including HipHop, EDM, acoustic, hard rock, pop rock, indie, etc..If you need a tune, this is your dude.